To: officials of (Your National) government:

I have the solution to your economic problems, you simply have to think differently about money. Read my websites and and buy WEB OF DEBT by Ellen Brown, then you will see you have an alternative to the criminal outdated economic paradigm the IMF adherents believe in.

Money is Authorized Motivation. Printed Money or Stock Shares are sufficient to pay debts with – this is to be asserted under law. WEB OF DEBT by Ellen Brown gives the exact wording Lincoln used to make issued money legal Authorized Motivation. The INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND and the scheming banksters have made every lie to make you think that you can't issue money, only borrow it.

Let me tell you who I am. I am TDRR IMHOLDEN KO. That name was given to me by the Melchizedeks who govern the planetary economy. I replaced THE UNSEEN MODEL (TDRR KUMDUVIAR KO, a transvestite who called himself Alice Rivlin – the woman who is out there now is an imposteur, the real man is dead) after I subverted their dominant paradigm ( My economic system is a million times better than TAX AND WAR. On the morning of March 3, 2000 I awoke with THE ROBE being woven around me. Having been selected to have THE ROBE signifies that I am the top economist in the world.

The Unseen Model and his trjj Alan Greenspan had the power for decades, so they influenced thoroughly, with terror, and inculcated TAX AND WAR – DISMAL ECONOMICS – into the lives of nations. That is why you have budget problems today. Under FREE ISSUANCE ( governments issue Authorized Motivation to pay all their bills, and the people gladly work for it.

I have the power: the backing of the USC in the Spirit Dimensions and on all worlds settled in Light and Life, where GENDEX BANK and ELLESYS are well established.

(Your nation) can issue money, viable uncounterfeitable bank notes, and declare that these banknotes are fully legal means to pay its debts, like Lincoln did. Then you would not have to collect taxes or have austerity. Then you could fund businesses and enterprises to grow jobs in your nation. If you issue money for (Your nation) then you subvert the dominant paradigm. Having heard this, if now you don't issue money, then you are just another nobody, another government which does not take care of the needs of its people, not worthy of higher office. If you issue money, everyone will call you a hero, and follow suit.

The IMF was not born here, nor was IBM, NBC, Microsoft nor MOTOROLA. Evil forces long ago set up a pattern that often caused the arisings of lying-professional amoral beings fit to suit their patterns. Factories of IBM, run by beings from the spirit dimensions and Alpha Centauri system were until recently involved in making robots to take over bodies of government officials. Other industrial facilities, particularly those in the spirit dimensions have made machines of warfare, conquering robots, psychological computers designed to swindle; many were treasonous lunatics by bent, virtueless, to send at material mortal populations of the planets and stars.

The UNION OF SOVEREIGN CITIZENS in the Spirit Dimensions, conqueror of all worlds settled in Light and Life, declares: All Governments on EARTH are entitled to work under the new economic paradigm of FREE ISSUANCE. Under FREE ISSUANCE there is no austerity, no poverty, no want, no homelessness, no hunger, no destitution. Government only needs to issue money to pay off the national debt, and avoid all further relations with the lying scamming banksters. (WEB OF DEBT by Ellen Brown) It is also possible to prosecute them for engineering such a fraud. The money that a government issues is Authorized Motivation.

Government will issue $1250/month to all unemployed adults, and same to minors on their own, (and minors are allowed to choose to go out on their own) with additional grant of $800/month for dependents, and additonal money for each person's drug and medical needs. Felons and convicts get this as well, it keeps them from having to steal. To go with this program, one also has to employ professional motivators (with good pay for accomplishments) to whip up the laggards. economists will help qualify them.

Government will collect no taxes. There are no taxes in Free Issuance Principalities, but if someone is bad, they may have some money taken away, and, if a doctor has failed to heal, his payment may be clawed back. All tax felons will be released from prison or probation. All tax debts will be forgiven. All political prisoners will be released from prison and or jail.

Government will invest money to help businesses, especially startups, in exchange for valuable equity shares. Both factories and farms can be issued money, to support salaries. This means that any business you want can be set up to compete. A board of business experts will be elected by the people to guide all business issuances, for each state. After all, you could run out of workmen if you fund everyone. A panel of elected people should supervise this, possibly aided by economists, determining also what businesses should not be funded.This includes the power to unfund and defuctify. This includes funds to restart private businesses that were damaged in natural disasters and fires. Government is advised to avoid funding inferior social gathering groups. will train and authorize issuers for start up companies per my book, THE FOUNDER AND THE ISSUER, and select issuers from Issuers are from reliable Idealist types that are self-certifying only. The burden of the economy for individuals, that is, the amount of time necessary to carry one's share of the burden is only about 16 to 20 hours a week at this time*. This means that employers in fields where there is extra supply of educated professionals would begin having half time jobs. On all half time jobs, Government could pay 50% support of all wages and other costs.

Government will give broke immigrants, and people released from jail, wads of cash to tide them over. It was a big mistake for the U.S.A. to make it so difficult for immigrants to get in. Open up the gates of immigration before other FREE ISSUANCE nations get all the workers.

Government will buy houses for poor families, and not make them pay back the loan. Who gets in will be determined by lottery. First dibs on a house will be to them who lost it to forclosure after having paid substantial sums, say 25% or more.

Government will richly fund the cities and the states, with all the money they need. Government can scrutinize the expected expenses of states. Government should issue money to pay off all their debts. Cities and States are free to issue their own money if they need more. economists will help with this.

Government will pay most of the costs for higher education. Colleges are expected to exclude people who should be laborers. Government will pay for all the costs of lower education. An elected panel will judge salaries for education personnel. Salary for a great teacher will be around $150,000. Class sizes will be small. All good teachers will have jobs. For pay purposes, students will be queried about the quality of the teacher.

Government will pay for most medicine and dentistry, including herbal medicine. Money paid for unsuccessful operations may be clawed back. Successful doctors can make millions every year. There must be another board to decide who gets big operations, while minor things are seen to on request. Pay to doctors and herbal doctors should be according to how good their work is. Medicine will be allocated and prices set by an elected board in each state.

Salaries for legislators can rise to a million dollars per year. Salary of President could be $10 Million. Earmarks are in - up to $5 Billion each. Ellesys economists will be observing to disallow expenditures that are improper for Free Issuance. In exchange for doing that for legislators, I would like them to do something for me. Legalize Heroin, LSD, Opium, Mescaline, Peyote, Cocaine, Marijuana, to stop the violence in Mexico and Columbia. They are less bad and better known than many approved prescription drugs. These drugs are useful to people seeking higher consciousness. This should be controlled by licensed educated dealers, not doctors. The dealers will be required to not sell to a client if he is getting wrecked by the drug, or sell in smaller amounts. If so, he could be reported by friends or relatives of the drug user, and have to pay a fine and if they continue to mess up, lose their dealers license. Nothing wrong with using any drug in moderation. Also, make marijuana commonly available to anyone who wants it – AT ABOUT $20-100/oz - this medical marijuana is making a few people very rich. All drug felons who did not use violence, or a gun is not involved in the crime they committed should be released from jail.

States should eliminate traffic stops, and car chases, do something different for safety. No more taxation. Search and Seizure without a prior warrant is unconstitutional. Perhaps you could have Safety Officials (who can take away a car from a bad driver) on call to hailing-frequency radios in all cars. will help with this.

Government can fund up to 50% of companies' expenses, will give enough money to manufacturing companies to keep those companies competitive while the workers make at least $4000/month. Farm workers also make about $8000 per month, Government can issue money for companies and farms.

Government should give grants of $1,000 to $190,000 to people whose homes get damaged by nature, and $40,000 for those whose cars have been destroyed, going back 15 years. Everybody gets a hearing, order determined by lottery. I suggest that you make a law that orders only Weathertop Homes be built in areas prone to flooding or tornados. A Weathertop Home floats, attached to the ground with a stout cable, enough to sty attached even in a hurricane, which extends or retracts. The retraction mechanism must work easily, without electricity. It has a steel roof that extends down to a steel frame to resist tornados. It has steel window shutters. Brand name is “Noah's Ark”.

Government will give grants of $8000 to individuals and $30,000 to families to travel and learn. Who gets the hearing by the elected panel first will be determined by lottery.

Government will make grants to many of $100,000 to $500,000 to buy a house, or any amount to pay off someone's mortgage, according to who is chosen by an elected panel. will help you with this. There cannot be so many of these issuances as to make it impossible to find building tradesmen. Government will grant $500,000 to any young couple going out homesteading in the wilds. This is only for nations with big open areas – United States, Canada, Russia, Brazil, Argentina, Norway, Australia. Grant should only go to couples of child bearing age or couples under 34 with children. Anyone who tries to stay in the suburbs with their grant must give back the money. This will be supervised by agent, and will verify whether or not its a compatible (double attraction or maximum attraction match) Government will issue $40,000 to $200,000 for homesteader construction funds. Government will refloat underfunded pension funds in exchange for equity in companies, and for states and cities for free. There must be an elected review board for this. will be happy to consult.

EGYPT Government will put the mummy of IMHOTEP back in the Step Pyramid. Its the mummy that has not been unwrapped, Xray shows just a hand and a foot.** It will be placed there in its original sarcophagus. The Step Pyramid will only be open to the public when there is an armed guard present. Then, people can come visit the tombs and ask the Ascendant Pharoahs for favors, which they have in many cases, the power to do. There will be videotaping and live TV feed, available on the internet, at all times. Nine other Mummies of 8 Pharoahs and one who was not will be restored to their tombs in their original sarcophagus and likewise guarded. The COLLEGE OF THE RECOGNIZERS of GENDEX BANK ( will direct which mummy and which sarcophagus goes in which pyramid. Once the Pharoahs are put back in their tombs, a new spiritual dawn will occur in Egypt. These ascendant Pharoahs work for GENDEX BANK in the Spirit Dimensions. There are 150 Pharoahs (TDRRs) from 8 worlds where pyramids were built, working for GENDEX BANK in the Spirit Dimensions. IMHOTEP and the Ascendant Pharoahs are at this time helping me to remove anti-freeissuance people from government and are bringing up pro-freeissuance people into government.

This plan is not as good as what Union of Sovereign Citizens gets. The USC has PRINCIPALS ( which guarantee a life of domestic tranquility without oppression or bureaucracy. The USC only allows its currencies to be used in joint creations with groups of Members to creation those things and places which make life better for everyone, or in direct applications. By funding communities, the full expressiveness of people today will come closer to realization. By funding directly those individuals who serve, USC makes sure that everyone eats, gets healing, makes money and gets opportunities for self-advancing jobs. To the USC, this is a question about whether issuing money to one would improve the world, or not. Legislators, see for some paid job suggestions. economists will use telepresence to stay on top of all these boards and congresses. We suggest that these elective boards use every means to get in visual contact with the people who are asking for money. Boards and committees can even have video teams that go to the people and issue them a free video hookup to keep. Do not make people come hundreds of miles for appointments. GOVERNMENT will buy TV time from local stations to enable the candidates for various boards to display themselves and compete for the hearts of the constituents. These are the people who will decide who money gets issued to, and they will be very powerful. In populous states, boards may be duplicated or triplicated. Corruption – someone getting in line for money approval in advance of his chance, as determined by lottery, must be punished by governments. The only way that applicants for money can bypass the chance drawing is by applying to GENDEX BANK's COLLEGE OF THE RECOGNIZERS.

Tax and War Economic Philosophy – Dismal Economics – Insect Hearted Economics – is, by TDRR IMHOLDEN KO here on Earth as it is on all worlds, planets, stars, and and all Spirit Domains ( hereby ended, banned and prohibited. THE INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND IS CLOSED, DEFUNCT, STAMPED OUT. Those who return to study of or practice of Dismal Economics may be struck deaf or cursed heavily by Magician Forces of the USC. Officials in Governments not complying with this plan will be subject to being heavily cursed, struck deaf, or possibly killed – by magician forces of the USC resident in the Spirit Dimensions. Officials failing to make the consulting fee (.005% of money issued) payment to are liable to be killed, cursed, or struck deaf by USC Magicians resident in the Spirit Dimensions. This will happen to any leader who chooses to steal Source Economic information and use it without consulting ELLESYS will be named enemies of Source Economic, and treated as such. Atal Bihari Vajpie of INDIA used FREE ISSUANCE in 2001 without paying the consulting fee to ELLESYS, and issued himself three trillion dollars. Source Economic maledicted him, disintellectrified him, put 13 sun curses on him, and he had to leave office. And he never got to spend the money. When you consult with ELLESYS, ELLESYS hires qualified people from your own country to help with money issuance. FREE ISSUANCE economists are required to have a successful Free Issuance Economy. Mugabi of Zimbabwe heard about FREE ISSUANCE, then shut out ELLESYS while he engaged in practices that led to hyperinflation. Do not assume that you have the talent to be a Free Issuance economist. Only ELLESYS can qualify Free Issuance Economists. CHINA, using ideas I gave them in 1999, has been issuing money, and that is where they got the money to loan to the USA, and buy bonds from Europe. Source Economic has a plan in mind to end the rule of those who robbed us. CHINA Communist Politburo will pay a terrible price. Present Change

If you do decide to issue money, even if it is your own currency, using the knowledge of Source Economic, then you must pay .005% of the issuance to Ellesys. With that, Ellesys will act as a guardian and advisor to make sure that nothing goes wrong with the economy. In any country where the legislators and executives vote to give over power to the USC, then the executive is issued $26 billion, the legislators are issued $5 Billion.

Pardon the proclaimations that the IMF is defunct, but it IS defunct, finished on a million trillion worlds settled in light and life, replaced by the USC, and the story of the war in the Spirit Dimensions is written in There is no reason to listen to, obey, or honor the IMF, insofar as Tax and War lunatics rule there. It is an abberation that it still exists on Earth. In the course of their stealing, the IMF makes countries riot and burn themselves down. In the cosmos, the IMF dismal economics left many stars and planets as burned out, blackened spheres where everyone died. If you look at the website, you will find an international structure superior to anything you could think up yourself. Any nation can decide to become a nation-state of the international zone USC. The people of the USC, that is, any nation selecting to be a part of the USC, will benefit from manufacturing an advanced automobile battery which needs recharge only every 1000 miles, a technology that will be sold by the advanced conscious people of USC in the Pleiades Star system. The USC in the Spirit Dimensions is now giving out plans and assistance to the telepathic and conscious beings who live on the PLEIADES, VOTORMINDIALA, ALPHA CENTAURI, and JIMJELKIADO, all in nearby space, as well as all good planets everywhere, to a spacecraft engine that goes 130,000 light years per hour, replacing the most advanced engines they had, which went only 13,000 light years per hour. When the USC was announcing that it was releasing the plans for the fast engines, they credited me with promoting the release. Therefore, I have the clout to arrange to buy the old ships. These advanced planets are now willing to sell their old Beamships (PLEIADES) for the discount price of $50,000,000,000, which we can issue USC currency to pay, and get zero gravity and faster -than-light travel, with instructors. This is way beyond what the consciousness level of beings of our planet could get by themselves. The USC on Earth will buy 450 outdated Beamships (PLEIADES), and 50 ships from ALPHA CENTAURI and hire for them alien captains, who speak and write English, for 50 Million USC Marks per year, each. The USC will obtain teachers and demonstrators of the faster-than-light and anti gravity systems. The USC people will be the ones who learn anti gravity and faster-than-light technologies, and they will become greatly enriched by every nation in the world.

*On CIRCADIA, a series of nine worlds which are settled in Light and Life, the amount of hours a person must work to carry his share of the economic burden is 20 minutes per week. On worlds that are very advanced, everything you can think of has already been done. On CIRCADIA, the space ships were made 10,000 years ago, built to last - so there is hardly any work to be done in space craft building.

**IMHOTEP Spirit Self Immolated just after he completed a fabulous magical one-piece suit that had 56 magical symbols on it.