Look at a present example. TURKEY, was given the proof that invasion, not deficit spending, causes inflation in 1999. TURKEY rejected that, persisted in taxation, and took loans from the IMF, in 3/2001 was in severe crises, stock markets crashed, and many jobs lost.

Does your government invade other countries and try to impose its values on them? If so, your foreign trading partners will feel the heat of protest, and upon your invader nation, there will be inflation.

The real cause of inflation is when the people of other countries see ugly interdictions into the affairs of neighboring countries.

ABOVE THAT, there is the 30,000% inflation reserved for the regimes of criminal dictators, that full aggressor nations obtain. When Iraq rolled in Kuwait, when Yugoslavia began its oppression of former territories, when Nazi Germany rolled into Poland - all obtained 30,000% inflation due to the embargoes of the rest of the world.

At the time of the subverting of the paradigm then dominant, late 1998, the rate of inflation in the United States was 3 - 5%. The loosening up of the spy teams and its result of lowered inflation proves two things: the presence of theIMF as highly placed officials in USA government was what lead the spying, and their removal eliminated the spying.

Persons promoting tax collection and borrowing from the remnants of the IMF used to make sheep of those who would listen, but new leaders are smarter than starting a war so the IMF can make money selling guns to both sides. Their interest is in concentrating all the wealth and power into their own hands, and as far as they are concerned, everyone else can starve.


burying dismal economics