Free Issuance

FI buried IF late in May 2004.

We did not invent Free Issuance, but we realized it. There have been many successful free issuance experiments in the past, it has most famously been used by populist criminal dictators, notably Nobodybutahardass, but many other successful experiments have taken place.

In 2011AD, when Lexington sent out Free Issuance information to the Government of CANADA, CANADA responded by issuing $146 Trillion CANADA dollars for their own uses.

In 2000AD when this document was primarily written, Free Issuance economic theories are exciting major economies with new money.

The Issue of economy is more than just about issuing money. The populist criminal dictators teach us that the best economy for the most people is basic supplies of commodities reaching consumers at the lowest possible price. Again, we are not promoting police state, which generally end up going down in blazes. We are just pointing out that they show us the way to give people economy. Economy is about practically providing people with everything that is objectively needed for self maintenance and self perpetuation, while enabling secondary expenditure for self realization and self gratification.

In the not too distant past, successful experiments with Free Issuance of money took place on Guernsey and Jersey, Isles of the English Channel. ELLESYS is here with the most up-to-date Free Issuance plan: to put money into everyone's pockets, national governments could issue money to electronics companies located there to order manufacture of a Gendex EPMO for each and every citizen. That is the plan.

The issuance of money is an issue that has become deeply submerged due to the terror about it. In past centuries, because to discuss free issuance of money, at all, at all times past, would have been to subvert the dominant paradigm. But times have changed.

The United States issued, we estimate, $380 Billion U.S. Dollars in 1999, and for two years, unemployment was at an all time low, and travel was at an all time high. At the same time, the Executive was reducing domestic espionage so national inflation in the USA was falling.

By the time this has reached your eyes for you to read, virtually every important person in the world knows it already. Did you hear the news of 6/29/99, that the USA Treasury has "found" an extra trillion over the next 15 years? Internationally, Stock Markets are daily setting new records, taxes are going down, jobs are being created, budget surpluses are being "discovered".

"OK, it works in practice," the central bankers are saying, "But can you get it to work in theory?"

In 1999 and 2000, National governments found they can issue money without any inflation, thus, the dominant paradigm, source of eight centuries of economics policy education, is out, and the new paradigm is in. In every good government which has gotten the word about Free Issuance and practices it rightly, stocks are daily setting new highs, and there is more money than ever for jobs, companies, new ventures. Ultimately, free issuance of money will enable free education, free medicine, and good jobs for everyone.

Withdrawl of currency, cuts in government spending, causes economies to shrink and markets to collapse. Free Issuance of national currency, rightly applied, is what makes the stock markets climb.

BASIC LAWS OF FREE ISSUANCE, the "new economy"

The basic law of free issuance is that you can issue money to get done whatever you can motivate with money.

Free issuance concepts enable Legislative and Executive Branches of government to direct progressive activities by planned issuance of authorized motivation (money), the efforts of work flow with the money that is issued. Until people stop craving that paper, everything a congress wants done can be authorized.

These implications of free issuance include:

1. It is possible to issue infinite authorized motivation (money), which is inevitably under certain laws, laws which must be objectively obeyed in order to maintain a growing and stable economy

2. There is only a finite amount of labor, that which overpaid becomes unmotivated

3. The value of the issuance goes up if the quality of life within the zone of economic influence of an issuance is raised by the appropriate and positive application of money to make life good

4. The harder an economy is run, issuance wise, the more Gold will be drawn from local nature. The easier an economy is run, issuance wise, the more Gold will sparkle in nature.

In theory, the money issued by a representative legislature can obtain a greater value than that issued by a single ruler or leader. In reality, money that is issued by governments only needs to backed up by the belief of the people that government will be in business tomorrow.

The role of Congress, as seen in the "New Economy", is to intentionally issue money to motivate desired work to go forward. In order to buy popularity, the New Economy dictates the people will be issued money. Depending on how the issuance is structured, certain stock, or certain others, will go up. With no issuance, most of the stocks in the national stock markets will probably go down in monetary value.



Free Market economics - everyman for himself, will be replaced by Free Issuance economics - government issues money to improve life, thus boosting the value of their monetary issuances. Free Market is based on greed and death, while Free Issuance is based in improving life.

The purpose of Free Issuance is not to motivate harmful or unnecessary programs. The basic law of free issuance is that you can issue money to get done whatever you can motivate. Until people stop craving that paper, everything a congress wants done can be authorized. Issue funds to make your country a better place.

Free Issuance is a paradigm that has been thoroughly suppressed since the thirteenth century.

The theories of the IMF, that "deficit spending causes inflation" and that "taxes are necessary to get a balanced budget" have been thoroughly disproven by Free Issuance logic.

In the beginning, for a government to freeissue, it is like an animal walking on what it thinks could be thin ice, building confidence in these newly revealed truths will take time, but already there is a great deal less tension between the legislators and the executive.





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