The volume of money passing through people's bank accounts grows as the national treasury distributes more capital. As these are the early stages of value, it is often only the determination of the Issuer as to who initially gets this money. However, to the extent that the issuance is wrong or inequitable, the value of the economy as a whole is badly affected. Free Issuance is simple, but not easy.

In general, national governments taking Free Issuance ideas without due consultation with ELLESYS are failing in one way or another.

ELLESYS Consulting gives the necessary guidance so that your country grows from Free Issuance of money - our consultations guarantee that your currency grows in value as your citizens get richer and life improves.

RUSSIA is failing free issuance because the first thing they did was give more money to the police. The people will not value giving more money to Russian police, especially considering that the police brass are largely under the thumb of organized crime. Additionally, as soon as the top officials hear that Mexicans are taking their money issuance out of the country to buy property abroad, the Russians did that too, never considering how this undermines the value of their national currency, still only interested in criminally furthering their selfish personal interests. Has the situation has changed now, and they are going to take Putin's share and cut him out of the deal? We don't know.

CANADA has failed to properly implement Free Issuance because, evidently the one who used free issuance information and has not yet paid ELLESYS, thinks he can pay a bunch of freaks to go to college and they will create an economy. However, with all due respect, Canada's Prime Minister Chretien has made the best lie to cover up their theft of Free Issuance information. When asked by non-informed news reporter how they can increase services without raising taxes, he said: "We can do it because we are such good administrators."

MEXICO and PHILLIPINES are also failures, because the leadership failed to learn from past mistakes and the leaders issued huge amounts money to themselves. The value of national currencies, especially those once referred to as "third world" currencies, is that the virtue of the Issuer needs to be enhanced. Sometimes, the government is so full of corrupt men and people who are obstacles to progress, that they cannot provide a viable currency.

Here are some projected modes of failure:

What a government does not need is corrupt executives and legislators thinking this is some kind of opportunity to stuff their pockets with the people's money, or to enrich their friends. Such criminal activities create a decline in the value of the national currency. When a "top bandido" misreads this document to say that he can issue himself money, he soon becomes unmotivated to help his poor countrymen get jobs and medicine and housing and education, and that is the first big step down into disaster. If Top Bandido goes about Free Issuance in his idiot way, huge problems in the currency system are inevitable. He childishly thinks: "They've given me my presents, what more do they want?" If Top Bandido is allowed to keep the money he issued for himself, everything may go to hell and all that money will be just worthless, junk paper to paper your wall with.

The pattern of this kind of failure is like this:

1. ELLESYS tells the ministers, legislators and Executive about Free Issuance, that they can issue money to improve the lives of their citizens, and that in the course of creating positive programs that improve and extend life, they provide employment for everyone.

2. The legislators talk about it among themselves and ask the President or Prime Minister what he thinks - Gifts! of issue money to family and friends - they think that is the way.

3. AN EMOTIONALLY POWERFUL ASSOCIATE OF THE PRESIDENT, OFTEN A WOMAN ASSISTANT, GOES TO THE LEGISLATURE AND TAKES THE POWER OF FREE ISSUANCE AWAY FROM THEM. In the case of INDIA, Atal Bihari Vajpahi, who, in fact, is a woman in man's clothes, made that alteration herself.

4. One or more of the Legislators convince the President to conspire with the director of the money printing plant to print themselves billions of dollars.

5. We email the perpetrators and threaten them with exposure, and they owe us .005%, as there is no free use of this information.

Lets take a look at the economic blunders of the Argentine government February through May 2002.

Due to their actions, the money they issued themselves, not to the people, is now nearly valueless. Wicked people cannot put money into an economy, - they can only take money out of an economy. That was their idea of how to use Free Issuance information.

Selfish people destroy countries like Argentina by sucking out the virtues of the Issuer.

Argentina is a failure and its currency is dead, because the leadership allowed the IMF thinking to prevail in making its currency valueless. Argentina's leadership had been led by conventional IMF dismal economists to make too many devaluating statements about the Argentine Peso. Argentina's last Presidents loved to say that "the country is bankrupt". That is one of the mistakes they made to kill the Peso. Now, the Argentine Peso is dead, flatlining.

We'll tell you again, Argentina couldn't do it , and your country also would only get wrong results if you tried to do it yourself, without ELLESYS consulting. This is because the ones who love to conceal, are the ones to love to rob the cookie jar.

For a partial list of Carribean resorts purchased by Argentine National Debt, send us $20,000 + S.A.S.E.


To a person thinking of using Free Issuance in a Police State application, he will hear the idea of promoting excellence as "making some ethnic national citizen seem great". That is completely erroneous. Once again, we caution against using this knowledge to form any kind of Police State. Such use always ends with widespread destruction and in many cases, national death.

Ariel Sharon, Prime Minister of ISRAEL, read Free Issuance as information about how to run a war time economy, and inflation is raging there.

Results of the free issuance police state economy of Germany was cause for the nation to start over from ground zero in 1946. History teaches us that we all pay for our fun.

THE MONKEY MAN CAN: (waiting for information about the results of this approach).

Everyone must be issued at least some money or it's not their country. Giving most of the money to Kings' Men will make it a barbarian country. In such cases, issuance may be withheld by inequitable fink leaders, to whom it seems that prosperity is just a gas tank away. Then they issue money to the rich, who don´t spend it, so it does nothing for everyone. The value of the country declines and then whatever rights and powers little people have been given are taken away by big government and given to an upper class aristocracy. So if President Highborn Aristocrat is giving it all to his upper class, his popularity will be roughly like that of Marie Antoinette - only now the rebels have email and they can use it to tear down the leaders, as the people are not satisfied when they have no money. Free Issuance information did NOT say "cut taxes to the rich", it says taxes are a product of conspiracy, and that the good government issues money to motivate useful work.

It is possible to give most of the money to a sick corrupt
nomenklatura, that will drag down the value of the whole national equity by selecting ugliness and making selfish decisions. This failure will be most common in democracies where Members of Parliament are used to applying false honors to each other.

Its possible to issue all kinds of money unintentionally, leading to piles of valuable garbage left over from rampant middle class consumerism. The existence of a lazy rich class brings down the value of a national equity. Capitalism dictates excellence would be paid more, but to some creative people, they will take their reward money to live freely and not do another thing to help society. Money should not be allowed to foster idleness; instead, every person must be able to serve in the way which is the most productively satisfying for their own essence.

Due to the assumed simplicity of the electorate, some major nations use Free Issuance in a deceptive form, however, ELECTRONIC ISSUANCE SYSTEMS is not about giving away the advice needed to make it work fully.

If your government is not issuing money through any outlet, the liquidity in the economy dries up. The little secret is that, one way or another, the government has to get money to people. Its COMMON SENSE: IT IT VERY OBVIOUS TO MANY PEOPLE THAT WHEN THERE IS NO MONEY IN THEIR HANDS THERE COULD NOT POSSIBLY BE ANY SURPLUS. The opposition will then try to tear down the "imaginary surpluses".



Governments nowadays are run by the high priest to their G.O.D., that means, Guns (or Gold), Oil, and Drugs. The high priest is the #1\\\\\ Insidiot, that means, the one who makes the most evil policy advisement statements, and invents the most cunning public relations strategies (dealing with the Networks) generally ends up running the government. The insidiots tell the President / Prime Minister what to do and what to say. Insidiots call from one nation to another, to talk to the insidiots there, in a subtle communications brogue that is based on the reality of their realities.

There are a number of evil qualities which insidiots aspire to in order to climb the ladder to money and power. First is, they are there to sell themselves out to the highest bidder, that is why they work in the government; which has the most money. They will also sell you out, when the opportunity presents itself. Because they have sold themselves and everyone else out, they believe that they have arrived at a position where they can determine what reality is.


Free Issuance

Believe in your own authority

Burying Dismal Economics

The true causes of inflation

It is certainly possible to create "hyperinflation" by increasing the amount of money while dimishing the amount of real value in a system. Profitable growth issuance must be applied always to an increase the  value of and for the whole.

Succeeding with the implementation of the new paradigm of Free Issuance is not nearly as simple as merely printing money, so if you don't take our advice about issuing money, the whole great big thing might end up in ruins. The truth is, the value of an issuance is directly proportional to the real and perceived virtues of the issuer. Free Issuance of national currency, rightly applied, is what makes the stock markets climb. Withdrawal of currency, cuts in government spending, causes economies to shrink and markets to collapse.

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"The acceptance of truth comes in three stages. First it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as self-evident." - Arthur Schopenhauer



*The fifth amendment of the US Constitution, which enables a subpoenaed one to remain silent so as to not have to speak truthfully about that which would incriminate self.